Behind the Style

PORTFOLIO Artist Marco Wernicke More Graphics visit Piranha Fanart
Some References for K -  DEEPSILVER
Risen3 Enhanced Edition

PC DVD -GnomLED Beilage + Risen3 Collectors Edition Box Inhalt -Artcards Illustration + Risen3 Collectors Edition Box Inhalt -Almanach Illustration + Risen2 Erweiterungspack- CD Extras Inhalte -Fan ConceptArts + Risen Artbook Game of the Year Edition PC Box Version -Fan ConceptArts + Risen Conceptart Undead Altar for Game + Official Risen FansiteKit Wordpress- ___________________________________________
Jowood Entertainment jetzt THQ NORDIC
Gothic3 Patch Team + Aufgabengebiet 2D Grafik Artist unter anderem am Gothic3 Addon Forsaken Gods.
Works as 2D Graphic Artist created from Game Main Menu for Gothic 3 such as GUI ElementsGame Main Menu for Forsaken Gods
Gothic3 Marketing Graphics + Addon Forsaken Gods GUI Elements Forsaken GodsG3 CPT

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